Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Time to check myself, before I wreck myself...

So, it's time for a MAJOR overhaul. I can't even describe how bad I've been feeling lately. Mind, body and soul I'm at a loss... I am SO sick of being busy ALL THE TIME. Yes, it's expected that I'll be busy with to kids, but I don't even have time to enjoy them! I always have something that needs to be done, and I end up putting it all off to spend time with my little ones. Honestly, right now every single room in my house right now is a disaster. Yes, I was sick and took a few days "off"... so I've got a ton to do. I've come to realize it's not just the visible messes either, I need to run a fine toothed comb through the place. Yes, I'm dedicating the next few days to SEVERE spring cleaning.

When we moved to VA from IL last September, we brought 8,000 pounds with us. Since then, we've bought the huge TV, ALL of the baby's things, bookshelves, washer and dryer.... stuff we actually use. But, the downside is it's heavy, bulky and we have another PCS coming up in a few months. I fully intend on getting rid of at least a thousand pounds of our belongings. We have SO much junk that we don't use. I think I'd enjoy packing a bit more if I were packing things I actually care about! Example: I spent 3 hours earlier in the kitchen (still not done in there LOL) and discovered that while I own (and use) an electric can opener, I also have 3 other can openers in a drawer. Why do I have 3? I have no clue... I mean, I can justify keeping 1, just in case the motor on the electric one goes out, but 3?! WHY has it taken me so long to realize I need to do this? Just get RID of the crap weighing you down Melissa!

I have taken to writing 2 lists. The first for cleaning and organizing, and the second for things I need to do (errands, phone calls, mailing/post office). Oh man, my lists are getting LONG! It's crazy how off balance you can get after a high risk pregnancy, out-of-state move and adjusting to 2 children! I surely hope that in a week's time I no longer feel so crazed. With two growing children, the upcoming PCS and dreaded first deployment looming over my head, the LAST thing I need is a disorganized mess to call a home. So, while this job would easily take a team of specially trained people... I'm going to tackle this in a week, 2 tops. By then, we should know where we're stationed for homeport and we'll be readying for the next big move!

I see a long bubble bath and a pedicure at the end of all this.... Wish me luck!

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