Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cleaning is the DEVIL!

I spend a good chunk of my time cleaning whenever I can steal away time from the kids. Lilyann is allergic to dust and mold, so I'm not taking any chances. I also, like any normal person, am much happier in a clean home! So, when I'm asked "what are you doing today?" my answer is almost always "cleaning _____ ______ and ______." With an explorative three year old running around there is ALWAYS something that needs to be cleaned. I've come to realize that dishes, laundry and bathrooms need to be taken care of on a daily (sometimes 2x's daily) basis or everything will start to get overwhelming.

Even if I'm exhausted, I'd rather work a little harder for a little longer then rest and wake up refreshed, and happy because my house is clean. Compared to waking up and wishing I didn't have to wake up to a messy house.
So, if you have problems cleaning- my advice? Just DO IT NOW and rest later. That way while you're resting you can actually quiet your mind instead of sitting (or laying) around thinking of all the things you need to get done.

Besides, cleaning is a GREAT workout. Need to do core work? Sweep and mop your floors while doing squats and lunges. Sure, it may look funny but trust me once you start feeling the burn you know it's working. Also, tighten your tummy muscles as you're mopping. This works GREAT if you have small children that spill things all the time. Your arms, abs, legs butt and back are all being worked. The messier the floor the better!
So, lesson learned, just get it over with and you'll be happy that you did!

 Also, if you need to clean and have no energy or motivation, turn on some music! Music (for me anyway) makes you want to move so then you get moving! Dance while you clean you'll burn twice the calories! Make sure you drink water as you go or you'll dehydrate yourself. Happy cleaning!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adios Amigo!

Part of living the military lifestyle is having to say goodbye. While we are new to this lifestyle I'm quite sure it never gets easier. I just said goodbye to a dear friend that is now stationed in San Diego (my home town). Yet, ANOTHER dear friend moving there. Almost everyone I love will be in one place, this is either fate trying to bring us all together or a cruel joke if James gets stationed elsewhere next month. While saying goodbye is so difficult, I would like to think of it as more of, "see you later."

I already know that each day in the coming months will be difficult, because Lilyann has now grown close to two people that have both moved away (to the same place). While I'm feeling remorseful because, in a way, I'm loosing a friend, Lilyann is loosing a sense of stability. So, once again i can expect regression. Not sure which form it'll come in this time, but I know it won't make my job easier.

That's just it, this life isn't easy. Being a navy wife isn't just a title, it's a job. It is my job to heal my child's broken heart when she asks where her Kammi or her Ry-Ry went. It's so easy to discount a child's feelings to "she just doesn't understand", but the fact of the matter is she does understand far too well. She didn't choose to have people come in and out of her life, or to have to move from place to place. Or to have no family around besides the people she lives with. Saying goodbye is such a hard concept for a child to learn so early, and my only justification is that it's to ensure her future. So, we endure the pain of lost friendships and pray we aren't forgotten about when they start their new life elsewhere. Yes, this life is hard, but this is the life we chose. Goodbye friend, until June. (hopefully!)

Monday, February 21, 2011

A new chapter of mommyhood

So been about 3 weeks since I stopped pumping. Now, I realize just how much of my time I dedicated to giving my son a great start in life. While experts agree that BF is best... blah blah blah... I was giving my son breastmilk through a bottle and pumping exclusively. My house was a mess because my time was dedicated to my kids, and pumping. I swear that pump was my BFF. There was never enough hours in the day! FINALLY I'm getting the house back in order, and I'm much happier and stress free. I don't have to pray that I've finished pumping before the baby starts crying.

I had a lady at the park ask me if I breastfed my son and when I said, "no" she was APPALLED. She then went on this tirade about how important it is to breastfeed and how ANYONE and EVERYONE can breastfeed. Which quite honestly is not true. I was not about to sit there and pretend not to be hurt while trying to explain my breast and James' frenulum issues! I was, however, completely SAVED when she scoffed, "I breastfed MY 5 year old son for the first 2 years and he is SO much better off because of it." To which I replied, "oh, you mean the kid over there eating sand?"

So simply put, breast, formula, frigging goat milk... as long as your child is fed that will NOT matter in 5 years. Stop stressing about it, do the best that you can, and know that you are AMAZING. Your child will never hate you for forgetting a bath time, cooking dinner late, or even sitting on your butt all day. To that little person(s) you are the hero they wish they could be. You are admired, and I'm glad that after 3 years of mommyhood I finally realize that.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well, first off let me introduce myself. My name is Melissa Gaughan. (pronounced 'gone') Yeah, I know you wouldn't have had a clue if I hadn't told ya. Well, let me just say that if my last name were Vaughan... NO ONE would get it wrong!

But anyway, I'm married (hence the weird name, can't help who you fall in love with right?!) My husband is my best friend, and my partner in everything good in my life. He is in the US Navy just finishing up 'C' school and will be stationed to his ship hopefully by June of this year! (fingers crossed for San Diego!) The earliest we'll find out where we'll be living for the next 5 years is next month... Needless to say the anticipation is building!

We currently live in Virginia Beach, with our two beautiful children Lilyann Rose and James Anthony. Lily just turned 3 years old and she is just like her mama. She's such a smart little girl and is always making us laugh. She ALSO has a monster side. Her alter-ego's name is Frank. Well, Frank is a 3 year old that thinks she's an adult. You'll be reading a lot about Frank in the weeks to come I'm sure. James is 10 weeks and 5 days old. My big (little) boy is growing up so fast! He's learning how to laugh and working on strengthening his back muscles to sit up on his own. He loves to dance and lounge in the sun and babble. He's also teething early so my poor baby is struggling!

If you haven't guessed, I am a stay at home mom. I plan on going back to working on my degree this coming June. I am a student of the American Military University, working towards a degree in psychology. That goal seems pretty far off from where I am now in my life- but I'll get there eventually!

For the year 2011 my new years resolution was "to see Bruno Mars in concert." and while I still want to do that, I have also recently committed to bettering myself. Mind, body and soul. I'm working to better my marriage, my relationships with my children, my friendships and to procrastinated minimally. So, here's to living healthier and happier! Cheers!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011