Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Do It Yourself!

So like I said before, I'm trying my best to cut costs, and re-use anything I can. Here are some examples of recent projects...

Do it yourself haircut. I wanted bangs, so I gave myself bangs.
*Please don't do this if you have no idea what you're doing OR if you have shaky hands*

For Hooyah Housewife I have a TON of snap parts. I reused a box for baby food and some jars... all organized! :)

I have quite a few more projects to come, but I also have an abundance of time to get it done in. I'll post more pictures when I get something else done. :)

Welcome Back!

Okay, so I know my last few posts have been like some crappy movie that jumps through time with no real explanation... and I apologize for that. Just know, that I have been what I consider 'normal' for about a month now. Along with my depression came a series of bad luck, I mean I couldn't catch a break. Thankfully, now the Gaughan family is settled in at our new house in Washington, and I've started up Hooyah Housewife again. I'm also babysitting full time, so my days are busy.

I've also started couponing, making James' baby food and cloth diapering. Yes, it is time consuming. Yes, sometimes I want to say 'to hell with it all' but it's all in an effort to save us money. Our goal is to buy a house one day, so hopefully what I'm doing now will get us closer to that. I've got a new obsession with DIY and reusing things. It really is exciting to reuse something you might have just thrown away. Now, more then ever I think I was born in the wrong decade... I am such a housewife. LOL.

James (husband not baby) is on his first ship (the Stennis) and we are preparing for his first deployment. I will admit I'm worried about my ppd coming back to haunt me. I guess I can be extra cautious now that I know the signs to look for. Either way, I just pray it DOESN'T become an issue at all. I know it will be hard on James and I, being apart so long; but my real concern is with the kids, especially Lilyann, and how they will handle this. Thankfully there are many, many different activities and learning opportunities that come along with a deployment. (I plan on using ALL of them!)

I have so many goals for the next year, and I really hope I can accomplish them all. I couldn't think of a better motivation then to impress my husband after so long apart either!

Till next time...