Friday, March 4, 2011

The things my daughter says...

"Mommy I'm not hungry. I don't want any dinner." (wait for it....) "Mommy I want some CHEESECAKE!"

"No mommy, not right now. I'm really busy right now. Ask me later."

"My baby brother is just crying, it's okay. He talks like that. That's why he cries."

"Mommy I'm mad at you." *picks up a receipt* "I'm taking my golden ticket and I'm going to the chocolate factory and you're NEVER GONNA SEE ME AGAIN!"

"mommy, I need to eat some real food. I can't have any cookies or candy or chocolate because it will make my TOMACH hurt reaaaally bad."

"Mommy, we have a problem. This is serious mommy. I NEED more toys."

"I don't say bad words.....because they're bad."

"I want to watch Arthur and the vegetables." (It's called Arthur and the Invisibles.)

"This is not a laptop mommy. It's a computer in your lap!"

"Be quiet James! You're trying to sleep!"

"Shut up mommy, I'm WORKIN here!"

"Mommy, you're gonna be SOOOO pretty tomorrow!" (uhhh... what about today?)

"i have to go outside because it's a sunny day because it's not ny-night time because my brother is awake because he's not sleeping because I want to go outside mommy. Can I go outside now? I'm gonna get my boots on and my jacket on and my hat on so I can go outside okay mommy? Can we go outside now mommy?"

"Mommy I'm thirsty. I want strawberry milk in a pink cup with a pink straw."

"My baby brother is crying in there mommy! HELP! GET HIM OUT MOMMY HE'S SQUISHED IN THERE!!" (baby monitor)

"I can't hold my baby brother! No, I can't because he's a FAAAATTTYYY."

"Tinkerbell told me to mommy."

"You helped me do dishes, and you helped me to laundry, and ummm... I peed, and I took pictures outside with the trees, and I peed again, and then I looked at pictures quiet because my baby brother took a nap." (I asked what she did yesterday)

"I can't be on timeout because I'm not in trouble!!" (after touching the computer for the 3rd time)
"Mommy, I need to go play with my friends because I don't want to see you anymore mommy."

"I wish I had....just some chocolate milk."

"mommy I NEED to paint my nails because they have to be pretty."

I want....ummm... I want... to play with my baby brother."

"Hiiiiiiiiiiii baby boooooooyyyyy!!! What're you doinggggggg?! Are you in your swinggggg?! I love youuuuuu!!! Yes I doooooooo!!!!!...... MOMMY!! Baby bother loves me SOOO much he wants me to have some jelly beans."

And my personal favorite...

"I just love you sooooo much mommy." <3

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