Monday, February 21, 2011

A new chapter of mommyhood

So been about 3 weeks since I stopped pumping. Now, I realize just how much of my time I dedicated to giving my son a great start in life. While experts agree that BF is best... blah blah blah... I was giving my son breastmilk through a bottle and pumping exclusively. My house was a mess because my time was dedicated to my kids, and pumping. I swear that pump was my BFF. There was never enough hours in the day! FINALLY I'm getting the house back in order, and I'm much happier and stress free. I don't have to pray that I've finished pumping before the baby starts crying.

I had a lady at the park ask me if I breastfed my son and when I said, "no" she was APPALLED. She then went on this tirade about how important it is to breastfeed and how ANYONE and EVERYONE can breastfeed. Which quite honestly is not true. I was not about to sit there and pretend not to be hurt while trying to explain my breast and James' frenulum issues! I was, however, completely SAVED when she scoffed, "I breastfed MY 5 year old son for the first 2 years and he is SO much better off because of it." To which I replied, "oh, you mean the kid over there eating sand?"

So simply put, breast, formula, frigging goat milk... as long as your child is fed that will NOT matter in 5 years. Stop stressing about it, do the best that you can, and know that you are AMAZING. Your child will never hate you for forgetting a bath time, cooking dinner late, or even sitting on your butt all day. To that little person(s) you are the hero they wish they could be. You are admired, and I'm glad that after 3 years of mommyhood I finally realize that.

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