Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adios Amigo!

Part of living the military lifestyle is having to say goodbye. While we are new to this lifestyle I'm quite sure it never gets easier. I just said goodbye to a dear friend that is now stationed in San Diego (my home town). Yet, ANOTHER dear friend moving there. Almost everyone I love will be in one place, this is either fate trying to bring us all together or a cruel joke if James gets stationed elsewhere next month. While saying goodbye is so difficult, I would like to think of it as more of, "see you later."

I already know that each day in the coming months will be difficult, because Lilyann has now grown close to two people that have both moved away (to the same place). While I'm feeling remorseful because, in a way, I'm loosing a friend, Lilyann is loosing a sense of stability. So, once again i can expect regression. Not sure which form it'll come in this time, but I know it won't make my job easier.

That's just it, this life isn't easy. Being a navy wife isn't just a title, it's a job. It is my job to heal my child's broken heart when she asks where her Kammi or her Ry-Ry went. It's so easy to discount a child's feelings to "she just doesn't understand", but the fact of the matter is she does understand far too well. She didn't choose to have people come in and out of her life, or to have to move from place to place. Or to have no family around besides the people she lives with. Saying goodbye is such a hard concept for a child to learn so early, and my only justification is that it's to ensure her future. So, we endure the pain of lost friendships and pray we aren't forgotten about when they start their new life elsewhere. Yes, this life is hard, but this is the life we chose. Goodbye friend, until June. (hopefully!)

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